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Drawn Together Through Visual Practice

Visual draw us together. They allow us to consider where we have been, who we are, and who we want to be in the future. We mark these transitions through the acts and artifacts of drawing.

Visual practice is a rich and diverse field. This anthology connects ideas and practitioners at a moment when our practice is dramatically expanding. Let’s pause and survey the field to date: What work is being done? What questions currently guide us? Which theories inform us? Who do we serve, and what is the impact of our craft? What do we learn from our individual experience? And how do we contribute back to the greater field? Now is the moment to embrace visual thinking, practice and facilitation as a defining technology of our time. 

This anthology brings 27 voices together to paint a broad picture of our evolving work and the audiences we serve.

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U 型理論精要 : 從「我」到「我們」的系統思考,個人修練、組織轉型的學習之旅》奧圖.夏默(C. Otto Scharmer)|著

專文推薦&聯合審校(The Essentials of Theory U : Core Principles and Applications) Introduction and co-Proofread , Traditional Chinese Edition