PFP China 2017

Co-hosted by Presencing Institute and u.lab China, lead by Otto Scharmer, Arawana Hayashi, Julie Arts and Lili Xu, I assembled a small visual team of 8 together from Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, for the Presencing Foundation Program in China 2017. .


Visual team:

May Yang / Yongjun Di / Yao Lu from Beijing

Sara Sun / Kurt Wang from Shanghai

Iris Xia / Elisha Chan from Hangzhou

video credit: Yao Lu / Beijing


— 創辦人/敘畫人 @ 拾田創意(HEREWEGO CREATIVE)
— 視覺引導師@ The Value Web全球創新組織 (TVW)
— 社會藝術 /敘畫人@自然流現研究院(PI)

Jayce熱愛在旅行中發掘意外之美,畢業於紐西蘭坎特布里大學藝術系,主修字型學設計(Typographic Design),並在全球範圍內開展視覺催化及圖像引導工作。Jayce擅長通過深層次聆聽與感知,捕捉系統中繁華與留白的微妙聲音,以獨特的視角與極具神韻的視覺表達,顯化對話場域中的深數據與暖數據。她是The Value Web全球創新組織成員,自然流現研究院Presencing Institute全球生態核心成員之一,推動群體視覺紀錄創作,她深信視覺能呼應、支持、靜謐不喧嘩的創造出一個充滿生命力與感知力的支持空間。

視覺實踐⾜跡: 亞洲/歐洲/非洲/北美洲/大洋洲

Jayce drives and holds the visual practice movement and ongoing visual thinking development in Asia Pacific region. Born and raised in Taipei Taiwan, she is big at heart, small in size and organic in spirit. Jayce received her BFA in Typographic Design, School of Fine Art from University of Canterbury in New Zealand, when she was a young creative nomad away from her relatives and family in the 90’s.

Jayce devotes her time to bilingual visual practice in Asia Pacific region. She applies deep listening and sensing into the space of possibilities, helping groups seeing and sensing the dynamics in the systems through her authentic marks and scribing. She adapt her innate creativity to capture the essence during conversation and dialogues, listening to the white space and collective heart beats from the social field, and manifest the invisible and quiet voices onto the blank canvas through her presence and being.

Jayce is a member of The Value Web, also a global core team of Presencing Institute, She is currently live in Taipei, Taiwan.


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