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Jayce, 視覺創新踐行者,在全球範圍內開展視覺催化以及圖像引導工作。在視覺實踐中她通過深層次聆聽及感知,由內而外進行藝術創造,游走與留白和表現的虛實之間,呈現冰山在水面之下的系統關聯,通過極具神韻的視覺藝術來捕捉對話場域中的深數據。 自2012年起,她就作為u.lab China團隊的核心成員,與奧托以及Lili一起服務於跨界創新行動學習領導力IDEAS項目。Jayce同時也是國際知名組織The Value Web的一員。

Jayce works and travels globally as a visual catalyst and graphic facilitator who applies deep listening and sensing into her visual practice. She has collaborated with Otto Scharmer and Lili Xu for the cross-sector leadership IDEAS program, initiated by UID Foundation since 2012. Jayce is a member of The Value Web and is also part of the u.lab China core team.

成長於台灣台北,畢業於紐西蘭坎特布里大學藝術系,累積了超過十數年涵蓋視覺設計/商品陳列/市場營銷經驗後,她回歸並持續點燃對藝術的熱情,2010年起與The Value Web合作參與達沃斯世界經濟論壇的創新項目,致力於中英文視覺圖像紀錄與視覺創新實踐迄今,她是MGTaylor Methodology全球知識工作者在世界各地旅行與跨界跨文化人才共同協作以及參與全球500強企業組織內的視覺項目。

Jayce is big at heart, small in size, and organic in spirit. She was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, studying Typographic Design and graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Canterbury while living in New Zealand for eight years. She has diverse professional experience ranging from graphic design, visual merchandising, sales, and retail marketing. She devoted her time to creative and cross-sectors work through bilingual graphic facilitation with the MGTaylor Methodology and, since 2010, in collaboration with The Value Web at the Summer Davos in China—besides traveling around Greater China and Asia Pacific region—she has also left footprints in different continents, connecting and collaborating with a diverse range of cool, wholehearted human beings, also to provide visual service and working with global companies, consultancies and social organizations worldwide.



  • Typographic Design, School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Burnside High School, Christchurch, New Zealand




WeChat: leejayce


Ongoing projects

  • Tsinghua University and MIT | IDEAS Program 2012-Present
  • World Economic Forum | (with The Value Web) 2010-Present
  • Presencing Institute | u.lab China core team 2015-Present